Meet Ashley

Ashley Newhaller has always been on the move. As a child her mother fondly remembers her excitedly waving goodbye, looking forward to the exploration ahead. Her family even jokes that her middle name was “Go.”

Fast-forward to college and her early 20s, she worked for Northwest Airlines and saved every extra penny for traveling. Through every season of her life – childhood, college, marriage, young children at home, and empty nester – travel was always there.

After years of friends calling for travel advice, she began a career path in travel planning. With 16 years of experience in real estate and 5 years in travel planning for others, Ashley is equipped to help her clients accomplish their travel dreams.

Ashley has been with her husband Daniel for nearly 40 years. You can find them scuba diving, fishing, and always on the go. They have two children, who have grown up instilled with a love for adventure, and a chocolate lab named Claire.