Our Services

Travelers should be more than tourists. At Symbiotic Travel we create personalized travel experiences for the distinctive traveler that not only let them explore the world, meet new people and learn new things, but also interact with locals in their destinations in smart and sustainable ways that are mutually beneficial to both.

Specializing in:

 5-Star Luxury Sustainable Travel 

Antarctica & Polar Expedition Sailings 

Small Ship Luxury Cruises

Small & Multigenerational Groups 

Solo Women Travelers 

All levels of Adventure Travel

Voluntourism & Educational Opportunities

Certified New Zealand, Italy, Greece & UK Advisor!

Symbiotic: denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.

The Process

Here’s a peek into our process and how we make your travel dreams come to life!


The first step is all about you! Our goal is to learn your desires and interests, so we can make your travel dreams a reality. This step includes a complimentary initial consultation via phone call or Zoom.

We check in throughout the planning process to make sure your next trip is just what you had envisioned. We do the research and utilize our worldwide industry connections to partner with people all over the world to customize and build your itinerary.
Once we decide together the best plans for your next trip, you sit back and relax. We get to work negotiating and booking, handling all deadlines, payment schedules, and cancellation policies so we can provide you with all the details you’ll need to embark on the journey ahead.
Now it’s time for you to enjoy your trip! In addition to handling all the details in preparation for your journey, we are working to ensure you are taken care of throughout your trip. We are available to ensure all goes smoothly while you are away from home.

The Fees

You have a financial advisor, a tax advisor, maybe even a personal trainer or nutritionist. So who plans your most precious commodity – your time? Our base consulting, planning, and booking fees start at $250 per trip, depending on your destination and length of travel.

Inquire about groups of 8 or more!

Everyone receives a complimentary initial consultation.